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Name : Preethy Unnikrishnan
Designation : Head Campus Recruitment, TCS
The present education system is knowledge oriented rather than being application oriented. Hence there?s a definite gap between the employers? expectations and how the new joinees apply their academic knowledge.

Name : V Viswswanathan
Designation : Vice President-HR, Wipro
It is becoming tougher for the industries- particularly in IT ? to do business. Customer?s expectations are increasing too.Hence the expectations of their industry from new talent are increasing with time. The industry expects a fresher to be as competent as a professional with 3-4 years? experience.

Name : Dr U Chandrasekar
Designation : Pro Vice Chancellor, Veltech University
At the academic level there are many factors which lead to churning out ?average? talent. For example, the curriculumis archaic. If you look at the textbooks, you will come across titles which were printed in the 1970s or 80s. There is a strong need to change thing at the ground level

Name : Benedict Arokiasamy
Designation : Associated Vice President-Learning and Development, CSS Corp
Typically no industry wants to run learning centres in their own premises but the non availability of relevant talent poses a big question therein.Hence there is a need to create strong academic-industry links which can bring job-ready indivuals on-board.

Name : Antony S
Designation : Associate Director, Talent Acquisition, Mindtree
We need to take a step back and analyse at the present academic scenario. We need to consider the genuine interest of students and groom accordingly.