html questionary

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  •  ⇨ What is html?

     ⇨ Can you do specify what are the optimized versions of html?

     ⇨ What is a canvas?

     ⇨ What is the advanced form of listbox in html?

     ⇨ What is DOCTYPE? Why we use it?

     ⇨ Is <iframe> harmful for SEO[Search Engine Optimization]?

     ⇨ What is a physical tag and logical tag in HTML?

     ⇨ What is a nest in HTML?

     ⇨ What is the XHTML?

     ⇨ What isCell Spacing and Cell Padding?

     ⇨ What is the HTML tags?

     ⇨ What is an element in HTML?

     ⇨ How many types of lists are available in HTML?

     ⇨ How to create mailto link in HTML?

     ⇨ List the media types and formats supported by HTML?

     ⇨ What are different types of heading are supported by HTML?

     ⇨ What is "Semantic HTML"?

     ⇨ Who is Known as the father of World Wide Web (WWW)?

     ⇨ What is the difference between a tag and an element in HTML?

     ⇨ What is grouping in HTML?

     ⇨ What is a Fieldset?

     ⇨ What is the difference between DIV and SPAN in HTML?

     ⇨ What is the use of div tag in HTML?

     ⇨ What is a block element?

     ⇨ What is an empty tag?

     ⇨ What is an inline text?

     ⇨ What is the use of ID Attribute in HTML?

     ⇨ How can you make a bulleted list in HTML?

     ⇨ What is the head tag used for?

     ⇨ What is the HTML document?