java questionary

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  •  ⇨ What is JAVA?

     ⇨ What are the features in JAVA?

     ⇨ How does Java enable high performance?

     ⇨ What are the Java IDE's?

     ⇨ What do you mean by Constructor?

     ⇨ What is meant by Local variable and Instance variable?

     ⇨ What is a Class?

     ⇨ What is an Object?

     ⇨ What are the Oops concepts?

     ⇨ What is Inheritance?

     ⇨ What is Encapsulation?

     ⇨ What is Polymorphism?

     ⇨ What is meant by Method Overriding?

     ⇨ What is meant by Overloading?

     ⇨ What is meant by Interface?

     ⇨ What is meant by Abstract class?

     ⇨ Difference between Array and Array List.

     ⇨ Difference between String, String Builder, and String Buffer.

     ⇨ Explain about Public and Private access specifiers.

     ⇨ Difference between Default and Protected access specifiers.

     ⇨ Difference between HashMap and HashTable.

     ⇨ Difference between Abstract class and Interface.

     ⇨ What is mean by Collections in Java?

     ⇨ What are all the Classes and Interfaces that are

         available in the collections?

     ⇨ What is meant by Ordered and Sorted in collections?

     ⇨ Explain about the different lists available in the collection.

     ⇨ Explain about Set and their types in a collection?

     ⇨ Explain about Map and their types.

     ⇨ Explain the Priority ueue.

     ⇨ What is mean by Exception?

     ⇨ What are the types of Exceptions?

     ⇨ What are the different ways to handle exceptions?

     ⇨ What are the Advantages of Exception handling?

     ⇨ What are Exception handling keywords in Java?

     ⇨ Explain about Exception Propagation.

     ⇨ What is the final keyword in Java?

     ⇨ What is a Thread?

     ⇨ How do you make a thread in Java?

     ⇨ Explain about join () method.