jslab questionary

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  •  ⇨ Explain what is Javascript?

     ⇨ List some data types supported by Javascript?

     ⇨ What close() does in Javascript?

     ⇨ What is the difference between let and var?

     ⇨ Explain Closures in JavaScript?

     ⇨ Explain JavaScript Event Delegation Model?

     ⇨ Describe negative infinity in JavaScript?

     ⇨ Explain function hoisting in JavaScript?

     ⇨ What is the use of let & const?

     ⇨ Explain Arrow functions?

     ⇨ What are exports and imports?

     ⇨ What is difference between module.exports and export?

     ⇨ How to import all exports of a file as an object?

     ⇨ Explain "use strict"?

     ⇨ In Javascript are calculations with fractional numbers

         guaranteed to be precise?

     ⇨ List the comparison operators supported by Javascript?

     ⇨ How do you declare variables in Javascript?

     ⇨ What will happen if an infinite while loop is run in Javascript?

     ⇨ List HTML DOM mouse events?

     ⇨ How to get the last index of a string in Javascript?

     ⇨ How to get the primitive value of a string in Javascript?

     ⇨ What are the primitive data types in JavaScript?

     ⇨ Explain Event bubbling and Event Capturing in JavaScript?

     ⇨ What does the instanceof operator do?

     ⇨ What is Javascript BOM?

     ⇨ What are different types of Popup boxes available in Javascript?

     ⇨ How can you create an array in Javascript?

     ⇨ What is the 'Strict' mode in JavaScript and how can it be enabled?

     ⇨ How to calculate Fibonacci numbers in JavaScript?

     ⇨ What is the difference between the substr() and substring()

         functions in JavaScript?

     ⇨ What are different types of Inheritence?

     ⇨ Which Inheritance is followed in Javascript?