jsp questionary

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  •  ⇨ What is JSP and why do we need it?

     ⇨ What are the JSP lifecycle phases?

     ⇨ What are JSP lifecycle methods?

     ⇨ Which JSP lifecycle methods can be overridden?

     ⇨ How can we avoid direct access of JSP pages from client browser?

     ⇨ What are different types of comments in JSP?

     ⇨ What is Scriptlet, Expression and Declaration in JSP?

     ⇨ What are JSP implicit objects?

     ⇨ Can we use JSP implicit objects in a method defined in JSP Declaration?

     ⇨ Which implicit object is not available in normal JSP pages?

     ⇨ What are the benefits of PageContext implicit object?

     ⇨ How do we configure init params for JSP?

     ⇨ Why use of scripting elements in JSP is discouraged?

     ⇨ Can we define a class in a JSP Page?

     ⇨ How can we disable java code or scripting in JSP page?

     ⇨ Explain JSP Action Elements or Action Tags?

     ⇨ What is difference between include directive and jsp:include action?

     ⇨ What is JSP Expression Language and what are it's benefits?

     ⇨ What are JSP EL implicit objects and how it's different from JSP implicit


     ⇨ How to use JSP EL to get HTTP method name?

     ⇨ What is JSP Standard Tag Library, provide some example usage?

     ⇨ What are the types of JSTL tags?

     ⇨ What is JSP Custom Tag and what are it's components?

     ⇨ Give an example where you need JSP Custom Tag?

     ⇨ Why don't we need to configure JSP standard tags in web.xml?

     ⇨ How can we handle exceptions thrown by JSP service method?

     ⇨ How do we catch exception and process it using JSTL?

     ⇨ How do we print "
    creates a new line in HTML" in JSP?

     ⇨ What is jsp-config in deployment descriptor?

     ⇨ How to ignore the EL expression evaluation in a JSP?

     ⇨ When will Container initialize multiple JSP/Servlet Objects?

     ⇨ Can we use JavaScript with JSP Pages?

     ⇨ How can we prevent implicit session creation in JSP?

     ⇨ What is difference between JspWriter and Servlet PrintWriter?

     ⇨ How can we extend JSP technology?

     ⇨ Provide some JSP Best Practices?