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TechnoSchools.org :J2EE Interview
  1. Describe the data flow in Struts Framework?
  2. What are the advantages of Struts Framework?
  3. Why we use DAO?
  4. How we validate the inputs in Struts Framework?
  5. How many types of validation can be done in the project?
  6. What are the different procedures to connect the database?What you have used and why?
  7. your project is secured to which extend?
  8. What is your role in the current project and in which module you are currently working with?
  9. How do you use the transaction in java
  10. How do you reduce the overload of the server?
  11. Describe collection classes?
  12. What are the collection classes you have used in your project and why?
  13. What are the strong and weak points in your projects?
  14. How do you debug the codes?
  15. What are the servers you have used?
  16. What are the databases you are comfortable?
  17. what is the database you have used in your last project and why?
  18. How you have implemented the object oriented philosophy in your project?
  19. How you reuse the codes?
  20. What is MVC architecture?
  21. Discuss What is your project?
  22. What is the IDE you are using?
  23. Questions regarding Core Java(Inner Class,Static Inner Class,Anonymous Class,JDBC)
  24. What is an Abstract Class?Say the syntax.
  25. What is interface?say the syntax.
  26. When will you decide to go for an Abstract class or for an Interface?(More conceptual questions in these two types)
  27. What are the types of overloading supported by java?
  28. Method Overloading.Explain
  29. Can constructor be overloaded?
  30. Method Overriding.Explain
  31. What are the access specifiers?When and how they are used?More conceptual question on this topic
  32. What are the things that can be declared as private.
  33. What do you mean by static?More conceptual questions on static keyword
  34. What is static block?
  35. MVC architecture
  36. Servlet concept
  37. Struts concept?
  38. Which Databases handled?
  39. Questions on JDBC
  40. Which Driver Used?
  41. Which is the better one and why and in which case is better?
  42. What is the App server you are using?
  43. What is JUnit?
  44. What is version controlling?
  45. Question regarding Struts Framework.
  46. Question regarding Collection Framework.
  47. How do you store a image in database?
  48. Sql Quaries(Joins,sub queries)
  49. Questions regarding database connectivity in your project.
  50. Discuss the execution flow of your project.
  51. What is Class diagram?Can you execute a flow if Class diagram is given.
  52. How do you debugging technique in your program?
  53. How do you upload data in database?
  54. Different logical scenarios.
  55. Introduce Yourself.
  56. project Briefing
  57. Rate yourself in Struts & Core java.
  58. Describe MVC2 pattern.
  59. case study.
  60. What will happen in WWW.myyahoo.com/myAction.so
  61. What is .so?can we change it & how?
  62. How many times Action Servlet is written in an application?
  63. What is DAO & is it a part model or not?
  64. What does url field take in server.xml?
  65. How does a servlet get loaded?
  66. if 100 requests coming for a servlet How many instances are being created & why?
  67. How can we deploy servlet?
  68. What is datasource?
  69. What does class.forName()do?
  70. What type of class is Driver Manager?
  71. Difference between statement,prepare statement & callable statement.
  72. Can we pass dml query in callableStatement?
  73. What is JNDI?
  74. What are the interfaces in collection?
  75. how to create instance variable of a interface?
  76. Constructor concept
  77. Can abstract class have constructor?
  78. case study of a constructor.
  79. What are the developement frameworks you worked?
  80. What is MVC model 2 architecture?
  81. Define MVC model 2 architecture in terms of struts.
  82. Write down the algorithm of Bubble sort.
  83. Write down the algorithm of factorial of a number.
  84. What is recursion?
  85. What is collection API and why we use it?
  86. Difference between Array and Linked list?
  87. What are the collection classes you use most of the time?
  88. How many types of JDBC drivers are present?
  89. What is the return type of Class.forName?
  90. Difference between forward and sendRedirect?
  91. How can I dispatch from servlet to servlet?
  92. Difference between forward and include?
  93. How can you handle an error in JSP?
  94. How can you handle session in your application?
  95. How can you create a connection with your database?
  96. What is the difference between java.sql and javax.sql package?
  97. What is the disadvantages of LinkedList over Array?which is faster?
  98. advantage of Interface in java.
  99. What is the difference between < jsp:include > in JSP and <@include> ?
  100. Life cycle of JSP and Servlet.
  101. Threads