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    • It consists of user end part, available on screen. It can be of any type either web application or android application or any other applications following Internet model.



          ⇨ Hardware Part

          Internet is the biggest network system works follows TCP/IP model:

          ⇨ IR Sensors(Infra-Red)Used for infrared detection.
          ⇨ LDR SensorUsed for light detection
          ⇨ Proximity SensorUsed for object detection
          ⇨ Ultrasonic SensorUsed to measure distance & velocity
          ⇨ AccelerometerUsed to measure acceleration
          ⇨ Alcohol Sensor(MQxx)Used to detect presence of alcohol.
          ⇨ PIR Sensor(passive infrared)Measures Infrared light coming from objects

          Actuators - These are the mechanical devices which bring energy to motion. Taking one example - In human, muscles behave like actuator as it helps to kick a ball or to pull something.

          Boards - These are the platform which have microcontroller, ports, power jack, Oscillator, Input / Output Pins etc.

          Arduino Uno - This is an open source microcontroller board containing microchip ATmega328 microcontroller and developed by This board is equipped by 14 digital (6 PWM) and 6 Analog Input / output pins and programmed by Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) via USB cable. Power is supplied by USB or by adaptor. For IoT, it needs one extra module for communication like Wi-Fi module, GSM module, RF Id etc.

          NodeMCU - This board is developed by express if system using esp-12F Wi-Fi module. It is specially developed Internet of Things purpose as it is easily configurable with internet protocol.

          RASPBERRY PI is a card size computer, used for controlling action. DHT sensor brings value of temperature and humidity, a LED is used for indication purpose (whenever temperature and humidity go above threshold level, It glows).


          ⇨ Software Part

          Software in IoT is logical instruction part. It has different aspect - data collection, Data Processing,Network configuration (or web interfacing), application. This part makes device smarter and more connected to other devices. Basically, it has three parts - Data collection, Data processing and pushing data to internet

          Data Collection - This part fetches data from sensors or devices and stores it to process. Data may be light value, humidity value, pressure value, can be generated from other sources and this may be in reverse order means throwing data to server.

          Data Processing - It includes logical part of data, here, data is filtered and put under certain kind of mechanism in order to get a certain kind of sense out of that.

          Network configuration - it cares network connection either to pull or push data to network. This includes internet protocols means it cares international protocols like tcp/ip, MQTT.

          APPLICATION - This is one another part which lies at user enter, used to get data, analytics, device controlling, and many other applications. Taking an example - if a person has to switch off his bulb glowing at home, he can do this by just click a button on his screen. This application can be of different type either mobile app or web application.


          ⇨ Database Part

          For this project, we have used mongo DB database. It stores data and as per requirement pushes to screen.

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